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No Smoking Policy

The Manchester Housing Authority is mindful of the health risks of smoking, including the hazards of inhalation of second-hand smoke. MHA is also mindful of the risk of fire caused by negligent smoking in a high-rise residential environment and the increased maintenance costs incurred in offsetting the adverse impact of smoking occupants. This Policy addresses those concerns.

In issuing this Policy, MHA is not unaware of the challenges of smoking cessation. Accordingly, this Policy allows, within limitations, for the designation of exterior smoking areas. In addition, with respect to the Residential Properties identified below, the no-smoking rules will not apply to current residents (at the time of approval of the annual Agency Plan by the Department of Housing and Urban Development) until the end of the one-year lease term or six months, whichever is later. In this fashion, MHA complies with lease obligations and provides smokers with a reasonable period of time to quit smoking if they so wish.

Section 1. MHA Central Offices
Smoking is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor areas on the premises at 522 M.L.K. Drive Apt. #1 except such areas as may be designated as "smoking areas" by the Executive Director. Such designated areas shall not include the area between the front of the office.

Section 2. MHA Property Management Sites
Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas of MHA offices and community spaces at MHA properties. Smoking is also prohibited within 25 feet of the front entrance of such offices.

Section 3. MHA Vehicles
Smoking is prohibited within MHA vehicles.

Section 4. MHA Residential Properties
Except as otherwise provided in this Smoking Policy, Hilltop and Lakeview Apartments are declared to be smoke-free properties. Smoking is prohibited on the entire property, including but not limited to all apartments, shared areas, entryways, hallways, stairwells, balconies, lobbies, community rooms, laundry rooms, building grounds, and parking lots. The Executive Director may designate areas of the exterior of such properties as "smoking areas," subject to the following conditions:

  1. No part of the areas between the fronts of those buildings and the adjacent streets shall be so designated.
  2. Designated smoking areas may only be used for smoking by residents as of the effective date of this section. Such areas are not available for smoking on the part of any non-residents or any persons who move in subsequent to the effective date.

This section 4 shall be effective as of the date of approval by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development of the Agency Plan of which this Policy is part (the Effective Date), provided that this Policy shall not apply to current residents at the time of the Effective Date until the date of annual lease renewal for such residents or six months after the Effective Date, whichever is later. This allowance does not apply to guests.

New residents executing leases after the Effective Date shall execute the Smoke-Free Environment Lease Addendum attached hereto or similar form prescribed by the Executive Director. Current residents shall do likewise at the time of annual lease renewal.